About iLearn Africa

ILEARN AFRICA is a multi-faceted online education platform that has been carefully crafted to provide our users with a blended learning experience tailored to meet each individuals unique learning styles.

The ILEARN AFRICA education platform transforms the learning experience of a user from the traditional classroom setting to a uniquely crafted online set up tailored to foster a flexible and convenient learning experience that best suites a user’s lifestyle and learning traits.

Our education platform is designed with the core objective of a simplified, flexible and convenient approach to learning. Our platform is designed and continuously updated by an all-round fully dedicated team of industry experts adequately vetted to guarantee our users the best learning experience. Our technical team is highly composed of leading academic professionals.

Our platform aims to facilitate “All Round” study hours, with our users able to access study materials as well as real time guidance from academic experts at any time of their convenience. We aim at giving our users the ability to attain their academic and career objectives in a convenient and flexible way that fits their lifestyle.

Our platform is also accessible on a mobile app cutting across the different OS platforms of IOS, Windows and Android. This is to ensure that our users are able to blend their study plans with their lifestyle irrespective of location and time.

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What You Will Achieve

What You Will Achieve

Who We Are

Ilearn Africa is an online study platform founded in 2015. The platform was developed with the core objective of transforming the learning process of all individuals both at a personal and professional level by combining the benefits of the traditional classroom with modern technology and teaching aides on a comprehensive eLearning platform.

With the simple click of a mouse, users are able to gain insight into different topics, subjects and professions allowing them to attain their academic and career objectives in a simplified, flexible and convenient manner. Ilearn Africa aims at equipping our users with access to thousands of learning materials easily accessible from our vast databases.

The platform is simple and easy to use, designed to provide our users with a simplified, flexible and convenient learning experience. This is further enhanced by our mobile app supported on IOS, Android, and Microsoft operating systems. Our platform covers all user groups through individual, institutional and corporate body subscriptions.

Our mission

  • To help you attain your academic and career objectives in a simple, convenient and flexible manner.

Our Values

Team Work 95%
Creativity 89%
Innovation 97%
Integrity 90%

What We Offer


At iLearn we stand for simplicity. Our platform is designed to breakdown the barriers associated with the traditional classroom set up. We deliver learning material to you with a number of features tailored to foster easy consumption and retention. We make learning easy and exciting.


With the increasing demands in our daily routines, flexibility is key. With iLearn, we offer you the ability to have your study patterns adjust in accordance to these increasing demands. We offer you a learning experience that can adapt to the changing demands. The iLearn platform comes tailored with a number of features aimed at enabling you progress with your study objectives regardless of the different demands. At iLearn we bring the classroom to you.


The iLearn study platform is built to foster convenience in your learning. With the assistance of our innovative features like smart study and the iLearn Mobile App you are in position to accomplish your study objectives on the go and in a style that best suits your needs. We are more than a platform, we are your companions in attaining your goals. We are with you every step of the way.

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